Rishede is supplying the fast growing underground culture of Street MTB and Bike Trial.

Since early 2008 we've tested a lot of different bikes and brands, and we're happy to say, that we now know what is working, and what is not.

In our catalog you will find the leading brand of Street MTB/Street Trials, Inspired. Furthermore you will find one of the newest, but very innovative biketrials brands, Ozonys.

As a dealer of our brands you will be able to present the very best bikes to your costumers, and be a part of some of the fastest growing bike sports these days.

If you commit to us, we commit to you, and we're always ready to support you with our knowledge and experience.

Don't forget to visit our brands own websites to get the full picture of your possibilities and their impressive bike range.


Hope to hear from you soon.

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Back in 2009 was the first time we were in contact with Inspired company founder, Dave Cleaver. At that time Inspired was a relatively small company with a 24" frame, some Trialtech components, an idea and a plan. After talking to Dave, it was clear he was a man with a vision, and we quickly decided to go for the ride. Dave's plan was to design a unique 24″ wheel street bike which would bridge the gap between hardcore street mountainbike and traditional trials riding. Now after almost 4 years of constantly development, Inspired is just that, the perfect street bike.

If you visit Inspired's homepage you will find that Inspired has come a long way since the first 4play frame, they now have a complete bike range with many different models in both 24" and 26", all with special designed Inspired components and in many different colors.

At first when we started selling Inspired in Scandinavia our costumers was mainly trials riders wanting more speed and flow, in the last to years the interest from the mountainbike riders has increased a lot, we now see more and more MTB riders on Inspired bikes, the perfect way to play and practice great bike control at the same time.

Over the years we have been dealing with many different bike-brands, and when we compare all the brands, Inspired comes out on top, not only for the uniqueness of the bikes, but for the service, the packaging and the seriousness. Knowing that no bike will leave the factory unless it's 100% perfect gives us the confidence that you as a dealer, will share the same experience with Inspired as we do.

In our dealer catalog you will find all the different Inspired models and we always keep all spare parts in stock, with day to day delivery.

As always, we have no minimum quantity on orders here at Rishede, this to give every bikeshop the possibility to test one of our bikes.

If you want to test Inspired in your shop, simply give us a call or contact us on email. 




The Ozonys story began when former UCI world-champion, Arnold Bruno, decided to invest his savings into his own bike brand.

Already during the first year of designing his own frames, Ozonys started to show that it was a brand for the future. After some years with good susses with the frames Bruno decided to start his own line of components for trial bikes.

When you visit Ozonys homepage today, it wont take long to realize that it was the right decision to start up the brand. Ozonys is now one of the leading brands in the industries and all the bikes lives up to the former world-champions high standards.

Ozonys now has re-sellers all over the world and we're very happy to represent the brand in Scandinavia.


Please visit the Ozonys homepage to keep up with the latest news and to see the complete bike range. 


As always, we have no minimum quantity on orders here at Rishede, if you want to show our bikes in your shop, simply give us a call or contact us on email.




Founded at the start of 2008 by former Tarty Bikes co-founder Dave Cleaver, Trialtech has one main long term focus; to push the quality, performance and design of trials specific components to a new level. Growing together with this pursuit of performance and quality perfection is arguably the most complete and consistently dependable range of products currently available, spanning all price ranges and catering for all riders from beginners to full time professionals alike.  

In the short time that the company has existed, it has already created possibly the best selection of team riders in the World. From current and former multiple World champions, to the very best in progressive street riders, Trialtech components help some of the best riders in the World to perform at the top of their sport.

Trialtech products are based around a design and development process that is driven and inspired by this team of World leading riders, backed up by years of industry knowledge and experience and an attention to detail that only comes from a rider owned brand that's sole focus is on the needs of fellow riders.


As always, we have no minimum quantity on orders here at Rishede, if you want to test our bikes in your shop, simply give us a call or contact us on email.



Bonz is the component brand for Ozonys, please visit the homepage to keep updated with the latest news.